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We firmly believe that mentoring is a fantastic aid to staying healthy and thriving in life and ministry. At Paraklesis we want to give everyone who joins as an Associate Member a chance to experience mentoring - so we are offering a FREE mentoring session each year!


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring means different things to different people, and we don't want to be too prescriptive, but it reflects a value that is at the heart of Paraklesis - someone who is "alongside" to support and encourage. That could mean : a bit of coaching in an area where you lack confidence; looking to the future and considering your own ministry journey; professional support around how you develop as a practitioner; how to finish well if your post is coming to an end, or just someone to be a sounding board for your own thinking and planning as you navigate the nitty gritty of ministry life and activity!

How Will it Work?

Once you are an Associate Member of Paraklesis, if you would like your free mentoring session simply get in touch by emailing with the following information :

  • A bit of narrative about your ministry journey that has brought you to this point.
  • A general theme you would like to explore in your free session.
  • Suggested times / days that work well for you (from the end of September 2022 onwards).
Once this has been received, you might be asked for a bit more information to help us match you with someone who would be a good fit for what you want to explore in your session.

You will then be introduced via email to our suggested mentor for you to arrange a mutually convenient time to connect over zoom or similar video conferencing software.

The session itself will last for about an hour.

What Happens Next?

If you have found the mentoring session helpful, you might wish to continue to meet with someone. Arranging this - and paying for any further mentoring sessions - would then be for you to discuss (whether that is with your Church leadership if they would consider paying for this ongoing support, or with the person you have received the free session from) and make a plan for yourself.

Who Are The Mentors?

We have gathered a quality group of over 40 experienced practitioners, some of whom are leading national youth organisations and / or events; some are denominational leads on children's or youth ministry; others have been mentoring and supporting people in ministry for many years. 

Confidentiality and Safeguarding.

Everything discussed in these sessions will be treated confidentially. It will be a safe place for you to explore what is going on for you in life and ministry and reflect on that with someone else - nobody at Paraklesis or your church / organisation will be told the content of your conversation. The only exception to that is if something you share needs to be passed on because a safeguarding concern arises.

Planning your Visit